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Us vs Them

Mahindra’s more than 70-year automotive history has been forged by making authentic, rugged, purpose-driven vehicles. Unlike its plastic-bodied, tubular-framed, belt-driven Side x Side competitors, ROXOR features a steel body on a boxed steel frame, comes with a turbo-diesel 4 cylinder engine, 5-speed automotive manual transmission and wheels, tires, and brakes far larger than conventional Side x Sides.

Steel Body

US: Made from heavy gauge steel, the ROXOR body parts are built to last, repair easily and simply in the field if needed.

THEM: The competition’s plastic body parts are more expensive and prone to fading, cracking or breaking. Plus steel is just more structurally sound and solid than plastic.

Boxed Steel Frame

US: The fully-boxed, ladder-construction, steel truck-style frame is well proven to be tough and resilient for the roughest off-road conditions.

THEM: The competition chooses a more complicated, unibody construction of lighter weight metals which are more costly and difficult to repair.

Turbo Diesel 4 Cyl Engine

US: ROXOR’S proven truck-sized powerplant from Mahindra comes equipped with fuel injection and an electronic engine management system giving it enormous torque and durability.

THEM: The competition continues to employ smaller, high-rev’ing vertical twin-cylinder engines.

Automotive Style 5-Speed Manual Transmission

US: This truck-inspired, heavy duty 5-speed manual transmission drives 4WD power through a robust 2-speed transfer case connected to proven semi full-floating axles.

THEM: Other manufacturers continue to equip their off-road machines with automatic, rubber belted (CVT) transmissions inspired by scooters.

Big Wheels, Radial Tires and Brakes

US: ROXOR uses larger standard equipment 16-inch wheels equipped with off-road radial tires to smooth out the bumps while automotive-sized, front disc brakes stop you fast!

THEM: Most of the competition comes with smaller UTV rims and bias-ply tires.

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